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Body butter 

Hello guys, 
If you want a sleek smooth skin, protected from all negative environmental factors that affect your skin. Then place your body butter Order now by contacting us through the  Contact button. 

Our products are mainly organic with less or no synthetic chemicals in it so be rest assured that you will be getting the full benefit of the products as it will nourish and protect your skin. 


It does not whiten your skin. For customers who need skin whitening product. It will be available soon 

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DIY Room freshener and body spray

Have you ever wondered what makes up your room freshener or body spray. How and why your favourite room spray and body spray smells so nice?

Well you are in the right place. if you want something mild, safe and delicious all you need is essential oils.

Essential oils smell great and are purely organic, though their extraction method varies affecting the quality of the essential oil seperately. Well, I I’ll save more details on essential oil for another time.

Back to room spray and body sprays making. You need three ingredients all together to create a room freshener or body spray. Simple right?

1- distilled or boiled water

2- alcohol

3- essential oil (perfume)

Depending on what you want to make. The alcohol helps sterilise the air while locking away bad odour helping the perfume diffuse into the atmosphere and the water helps in adjusting the intense of the alcohol smell and give it more volume and quantity.

I varry my ingredients based on what I want to make. If I am making perfume I use less water more alcohol and essential oil. While for body spray and room freshener I use more water than alcohol.

Well here are some my recipes

Room freshener

Distilled water  55%

Alcohol 40%

Perfume  5% ( depending on how strong I want it to smell)

Mix this three together in the above particular order in your spray bottle or mixing container and mix well. Omg you can smell the beautiful scent expelling from your creation.

Body spray

I prefer using hydrosols such as rose water for my body spray or perfume though you can use distilled water as well

Water 50%

Alcohol 45%

Essential oil 5%

Also the essential oil quantity could be varies depending on how strong you want it to smell. Mix the three together and viola your body spray is ready. Just pour it into your spray bottle and enjoy your body spray.

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DIY Skincare Products and Cosmetics ingrdeints

Hi Guys,

If you love making your skincare products and cosmetics, then you know how overwhelming and frustrating it is, finding your ingredients in Abuja and most part of Nigeria.

Luscious body works is here to save you the hassle and bring the convenience of providing you these ingredients at the click of your finger to your doorstep at an affordable price range.

Whether you make your skincare products for fun or profit we are here to satisfy your needs.

Luscious body works will be the one stop shop for all your high-quality ingredients.

Well, to save time we will let our state of the art online shop to talk for its self when it is launched soon.

Also, to help us serve you better, you can post in the comment section any ingredients you find difficult to come by and we will find it for you.

Have a lovely day!!!

Sumaiya (CEO Luscious Body Works)